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Commercially made slingshots

Slingshot makers exist in great numbers. Many are of the small garage business type, run by a single enthusiast. This section concentrates on the larger factories that produce their slingshots in a more industrialized manner, and thus can reach the production rate that is necessary to meet the demand of large market chains. These slingshots are typically made of bent metal and / or plastics, and most of them carry tubular bands which are a lot easier to produce and attach to frame and pouch.

AKAH (Germany)
Barnett (UK)
Daisy Mfg. (USA)
Gamo (USA)
Man Kung (Taiwan)
Megaline Industries (Italy)
Saunders Archery (USA)
Stil Crin (Italy)
Trumark (USA)

I have written a review that might be helpful if you plan to purchase a slingshot.