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Daisy slingshots

The well known airgun maker Daisy sells three slingshot models. All of them are named after famous US aircraft. They are equipped with the usual un-tapered tubular latex bands.



The F-16 is a simple slingshot with a molded plastic handle.



A classic folding wristbraced slingshot.



Daisy's flagship is the P-51. Its extended fork and wristbrace are held on top of the handle by means of a screw that clamps both parts down. This allows you to adjust both wristbrace and the fork extension, and also helps to collapse the slingshot during transport. This slingshot layout has been copied many times.

Daisy copies

For some reason, Daisy slingshots are often subject to product fraud. A possible explanation is the fact that Daisy always used Asian contractors to manufacture these slingshots. When they switched to other manufacturers, they left a company behind that simply scratched the "Daisy" logo out of its moulds and kept on making these slingshots.