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The science behind slingshooting

Understanding the fundamental mechanical principles of a slingshot has more benefits thaen the satisfaction of your curiosity. It allows you to optimizie your slingshot by choosing the right bands for shooting, the right ammunition to suit these bands, and, ultimately, is the basis for all advantages in slingshot technology. A sound knowledge about the fundamentals of slingshooting also helps to evaluate other people's claims. The Web is awash with self-proclaimed "slingshot experts" that try to make you believe they found the next big thing, and a critical mindset is helpful to form your own opinions.

Chapter One: Choosing the right slingshot

Here, you learn what the "slingshot science" is all about, and how to choose the best slingshot setup for you.
Choosing the right slingshot

Chapter Two: Slingshot Science

This section shows how a slingshot's performance depends on its various parameters.
Some slingshot science

Chapter Three: Optimizing your ammunition

How to match ammunition weight to your specific slingshot and your shooting needs.
Choosing the right projectile weight