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Barnett Crossbows

Barnett is a venerable slingshot manufacturer who has been making slingshot for quite a long time. Their slingshot have a very comfortable grip, and the larger models (Cobra and Diablo) are seen in tournaments, typically with modified bands.


The Strikenine is a simple slingshot without wristbrace that shares frame and handle with the more popular Black Widow.

Black Widow

Barnett's Black Widow might be the most popular folding slingshot in Europe. It has a relativley small fork that makes it easy to store in the pocket, although some users complain that it causes issues with the large tubular bands. The handle is well made and quite comfortable.


The "Cobra" has a stabilizer and a wristbrace that, both of them beind detacheable for transport. It is quite large, but its comfortable handle and well sized fork make it a popular choice.


The Diablo has the same grip and fork as the "Cobra", but its wristbrace extends down from the handle's top, to allow faster handling of the slingshot. It can be upgraded to the "Pro Diablo".

Pro Diablo

The Pro Diablo is a tournament slingshot that comes with large stabilizers and an adjustable peep sight.