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Trumark slingshots

Trumark was one of the first companies to produce slingshots with modern tooling, and on an industrial scale. It story starts in the 50ies, when inventor Howard Ellenburgh created the "Howard's Wrist Locker Slingshot". It was the first slingshot that had a wristbrace and was powered by surgical tubing that was simply pushed over the fork tips, forming the type of attachment that we call "Chinese handcuff".
Almost all modern slilngshots copy this arrangement, as it so suitable for mass production.

Mr. Ellenburg first sold the catapult as "Howard's Wrist Locker Slngshot". Later on, he into an exclusive distributorship agreement with Saunders, and the slingshot was sold as "Saunders Wrist Rocket". In 1971, Saunders and Trumark split up, and they became seperate slingshot manufacturers whose models still set the bench mark for all the others.

An excellent feature on some of the modern Turmark slingshots is their rotating fork ends that greatly enhance band life and offer the shooter a sight that, depending on his shooting style, can be helpful in aiming. It is also worth to be noted that Trumarks red RR-t bands are considered to be the best performing tubular bands on the market.



The Wr-1 is pretty much the classic "Wrist Locker Slingshot", with very few modifications. A single piece of aluminium rod forms fork, handle and wristbrace. The slingshot is meant to be shot with a relaxed half-open hand, as it automatically seats itself on hand and wrist.

S series (S9, S9t, S9FO)


The S9 series is a simple, classic slingshot. It holds ammunition in its handle and is sold with two different types of bands. The S9FO has the rotating fork ends with sights.



The BAT is an all-plastic slingshot with a single stabilizer which extends forward. The fork ends rotate and are equipped with sights. The handle holds ammunition, and there is a clamp at the bottom that accomodates a Mini-Maglite for further stabilisation and night shooting.

Fs series (Fs-1, FSXFO,FSX-2000)


The "Fs" series slingshots are comprised of an aluminum fork that is directly bent on a one piece ABS handle - thus forming a solid slingshot without rivets or screws. The hollow handle has a trap door for ammunition, and a heavy, effective stabilizer can be attached to the bottom. The straight wrist brace folds parallel to the fork, which makes the slingshot easy to carry. The FSX-2000 is a common sight on slingshot tournaments.