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Saunders Archery

The story of Saunder's slingshots started in the 50ies, when the company cooperated with slingshot inventor Howard Ellenburgh by selling his first slingshot called the "Wrist Rocket". Mr. Ellenburgh and Saunders split up later. He started the Trumark company, while Saunders designed and sold its own slingshots.

Saunders has always been a leader in slingshot design. So far, they remain the only major producer who departed from tubular bands and switched to tapered flatbands instead, which puts the performance of these slingshots far ahead of its competition. Many features such as the band locking system, the folding mechanisms of some slingshots, and the sights are unique to this innovative brand. The fork design and hand shields make Saunder slingshots very safe to shoot.



The Wing is a very unique design. Below the fork, two tabs extend to the sides. They sit under the shooter's thumb and index finger. The slingshot is pulled into the hand while drawing the rubber bands. There is no need to maintain a firm grip, enabling the shooter to relax his hand. It is in some ways comparable to a modern Olympic compound bow, which is also shot with a relaxed front hand. Apart from that, the Wing has a folding handle that contains a storage space.


The Hawk is Saunder's smallest model. It accetps flatbands and has a nice, comfortable handle.


A traditional non-folding wristbraced slingshot.

Folding Falcon

The Folding Falcon can not only fold its wristbrace but also its prongs, so it is very compact in size while being a full-scale slingshot with pistol grip and wristbrace.

Double Eagle

The Double Eagle shares most parts with the "Folding Falcon", but its fork accepts flatbands instead of tubes.


This slingshot is a non-folding model with a slight fork extension. I personally rate this slingshot to be one of the best large-sized models on the market.


The Falcon-X is a further improvement of the Falcon-2. Its handle with palm plate allows to keep the front hand relaxed during shooting. The fork was modified to lower the profile, thus increasing stability and accuracy.

Wr Pro

Saunder's Wr Pro is quite an unusal, but well thought out, design. Its long fork extension, together with the tapered flat bands, make it outperform any other model on the market. The arms and the wristbrace can be folded to make this large slingshot compact enough to carry in a jacket. It is possible to add a heavy stabilizer that relly does it job. A lof of features - such as the possibility to lock the folded slingshot with a padlock - and its excellent performance prove that this is not just another slingshot, but a well executed example of what can be done with intricate knowledge of slingshot physics and shooters needs.