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Man Kung

The taiwanese company "Man Kung Industries" mainly produces crossbows and archery equipment. They also sell a number of slingshots, which frequently appear in Western stores, usually with some fantasy brand name on them.

T5 / T9


The T-9 is a direct knockoff of the Daisy F-16. It it is made with two different fork sizes, the smaller one is the model T5.

T1 / T11


These slingshots are close copies of Daisy's model B51. The T1 has a smaller fork and wristbrace. Many users complain that Model T1 is very poorly designed, as the plastic part of the brace sits too high to touch the arm at all.

SL-06 / SL-08


This slingshot is based on Daisy's P51 slingshot - but, this time, at least they designed a new handle. And actually did pretty well with it. The handle fits the hand well, has an ammunition reservoir, and releases a single round upon depressing a button.

Most of the time, you will encounter this slingshot without the black sighting screw. And this is a good thing, as the "sight" sits at the completely wrong place, and is of no use at all. One really wonders if the engineer ever tried to aim the slingshot before putting it to production. Model Sl-06 is sold in countries with a ban on wristbraces. Its high extended fork makes a brace necessary, so I would not recommend an unmodified Model Sl-06 at all - though it is sometimes purchased to use the nice handle as a starting point for a selfmade slingshot.