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Vintage slingshots

Slingshots exist since the late 19th century. The very first models were more of a sling-bow, but it didn't take long for them to develop into the familiar Y-shape and shoot round projectiles from a leather pouch. Slingshots were made by toy makers and arms manufacturers alike, in operations ranging from cottage-style industry to large factories employing modern means of mass production.
Compared to other collectibles, it is very difficult to source information about slingshots. This is partly due the little research that went into that field, but also due to the lack of official documentation (if compared to colletibles such as oldtimer vehicles, firearms, stamps, medals), and due to slingshots having been made in so many small workshops, which offered them locally or via mail-order for a few years and disappeared without a trace.

Vintage slingshot database
The German "AKAH" slingshot
British slingshots from the past