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The Gamo "Bone Collector" slingshots are simply re-branded Man Kung slingshots - two of them are copycats of Daisy slingshots.



A copy of the Daisy F16 slingshot



A copy of the Daisy B52 slingshot



The normal "Elite" is simply the Man Kung Sl-08, which is basically a Daisy P51 with a new handle and a pretty weird sight that points inside the fork. I cannot see how this sight is supposed to help aiming.
An upgraded Elite version exists. It has a flashlight and a fixed laser sight on the front. Now a non-adjustable laser sight that is fixed to the frame will point anywhere, but certainly not to your point of impact. It still has the weird inside-fork sight, so this slingshot it equipped with two sights that are useless to the shooter! The "upgraded" Elite also has a plastic pouch with a petal-shaped part that is meant to hold the ammo centered.