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Torsten is an astounding craftsman, and one of the very best shooters I ever had the pleasure to shoot with. His unbelievable skills and stunningly beautiful slingshots are an inspiration for many members of the slingshot community. All of his slingshots are equipped with tapered flatbands, usually made from Theraband black. He shoots full draw Albatros style exclusively, and the small slingshots with their long tapered bands, small pouches and low drawing weight are perfect for this job.

A number of "naturals", carved from tree forks. Note their small size and how the lower parts of the handles are slighly recessed and curved. This is a lot of carving work, but fits the hands very well.

These slingshots are board-cut from beech.

And now something really special! Worlds first slingshot that does not hurl stones, but is made of stone - soapstone, to be precise. Hours of work must have went into this slingshot.

This stunning slingshot started its life as a humble tree fork. A knife and many hours of work turned it into its gracious shape.

Ebony wood with Multiplex core and a small Amboyna burl at the bottom.

Thanks for these wonderful photos, Torsten!