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A very nice assortment of classic handmade slingshots. You can see board-cut, natural and aluminum forks. The rubber bands are gold Thera-band and Linatex rubber, attached by "shoot over" design or Spain-style with a flexible loop. The pouches have centering holes or a centering mould. Many thanks, Raven!


Two bent-wire slingshots that use the "Machtstick method" to attach flat Linatex bands. The handles are made from leather and paracord


A classic chinese style slingshot with double tubes.


These welded steelrod slingshots are madse from heavy 8mm steel. It's definitely not simple to bend this material in a sharp angle! The shoot-over/matchstick combination method allows very fast band changes and still leaves all advantages of the "shoot over" method. The handle of the right slingshot is wrapped with paracord and tennis racket grip band.