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Slingshot photo Gallery

Classic slingshots

What's better than a sunny morning out in the woods? I tell you: A warm sunny morning out in the woods with a slingshot in the hip pocket! The biggest advantage of a non-wristbraced slingshot is that you can carry them all day long without wear, even without people noticing you do. The classic designs of Bill look simple, but if you take a closer look, you'll find many great features, such as the small aiming marks on the fork end. The tapered flat bands are definitely among the best ones I ever tried. (Bill sometimes sells them on ebay, and I highly recommend them). Bill was one of the first shooters to realize and promote the advantages of flat bands. The slingshot community owes him a lot for his restless contribution to our sport.

Some Ash forks, waiting to get turned into a finished slingshot.

..and two finished slingshots, along with the bands. Note the moulds punched into the pouch, they make you center the pellet automatically.

Same model, crafted from beautiful birdseye maple. I consider, Bill's classic model as one of the best slingshot designs ever: It is the archetype of a universal slingshot that fits almost every shooter, is relatively easy to reproduce, has a good sight picture, a reasonable saftey margin in its fork opening and no unecessary clutter. There's a reason why people call it the "slingshooters slingshot".

I'm the proud owner of this model. You can see the shoot-over-design, and how the bands are attached with the help of small latexd strips. Thanks, Bill!

Classic tree fork slingshot.

Basically, this is the same slingshot as the first ones on this page, but beatifully enhanced by Bills neigbour. He must be a real gifted craftsman!

The "Flatman" is one of Tex' favourite models. It is made from bent and welded steel, with a foam grip handle for comfortable holding. Have a look at the type of attachment, it allows you to change and adjust bands in seconeds and gives you all advantages of the "shoot over" design.