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Slingshot photo Gallery

Wooden slingshots from Geko

Two finger-supported, over-the-top slingshots, made of ebony and Wenge. I can tell you, the Ebony model on the left is so well polished, its a pleasure just to hold it in the hand.

Another board-cut fork from Ebony, shaped like a bat wing

Have a look at this masterpiece! Ebony wood, wrapped with latex tube.

A very small pocket slingshot, carved with a Dremel from olive wood.

The left slingshot is made of apple wood. The model on the right is Micarta.

Two stunning slingshots, made of rare wood. Here is a wallpaper of these two beauties!

This slingshot is one of my absolute favourites. It is nothing but a simple cut from thin plywood - it was never meant to be much more than a prototype- but it fits my hand so well that it became my standard to-go slingshot! Its slight curves on the outer lines of the fork give the fingers a good, comfortable grip.

A small slingshot with metal inlays. They are made with soldering wire that is hammered into grooves. The curved handle fits the hand very well.

Many thanks, Geko!