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Serving the slingshot community since 2003


Welcome to the all-new designed slingshot webpage. It is almost ten years ago that I launched the first humble version into the net.... At that time, slingshooting was a lot less popular than it is today, and the things we slingsh ooters take for granted today - good rubber bands, cheap steel balls, reliable data- were hard to get, and there was no such thing as an active internet community that could help the beginners in their first steps.
Since those days, things have changed dramatically, and mostly for the better. There has been a massive increase of interest in slingshooting and good sources for ammunition, rubber bands etc. were quickly found. Internet forums, regional meetings and tournaments were introduced one by one. It is a pleasure to watch all these great shooters and craftsmen that contribute to our sport.

The first URL of this webpage was www.slingshots.de.vu. Unfortunately, the provider of said URL started to put heaps of advertisements on the page, so I haphazardly moved ot to the www.melchiormenzel.de - an URL that was not really suited to fit a slingshot webpage, asn I had originally registered it for other purposes.

The webpage grew bigger and bigger, and came to a point when it was very difficult to maintain. Its original layout was cumbersome, and not up to the large amount of photos and data. So it was overdue to give my little page a major overhaul, a new design and also a fitting URL name. This has been done now, and I hope you enjoy your stay and find some useful or entertaining information.

-Melchior Menzel